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Police ID Card Printing

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Law Enforcement ID offers secure police ID card printing services using the industry’s most advanced technology.

Delivering the finest quality, timely production, and cost-effective police ID card printing services to Police and Sheriff agencies who require industry leading ID card security and reliability is what Law Enforcement ID is all about. Recognized as an industry leading provider of Law Enforcement ID card printing, we are committed to consistently delivering the highest-value and superior service.

Secure Police ID Card Printing

The requirements for highly secure ID cards is ever increasing. For Law Enforcement agencies, two primary components are critical to ID card printing: the electronic data encoded on the chip of the card for identification and access requirements, and the security of the physical card itself that helps protect this data. Furthermore, as the amount of data added to cards continues to grow along with their

use, so too does the need for an elevated level of ID card security. Where high cost was once a significant obstacle to the delivery of secure ID card printing, new technologies are enabling agencies increased security at a lower price point. Now, more then ever, ID card issuers can leverage advanced technologies used by Law Enforcement ID to meet their demanding ID card printing security requirements.


Superior Police ID Card Printing Services

Law Enforcement ID Offers Superior Police ID Card Printing Services, with Unmatched Benefits:

– 600 dpi pigment ink delivers the highest resolution images possible, enabling on-the-spot visual authentication and verification
-Exclusive dot-by-dot technology to produce the highest quality images possible for point-of-use verification and security assurance
-The highest resistance to wear and fading delivers photo ID cards that maintain color and surface integrity for easier visual verification and greater durability
-Contact, contactless and magnetic stripe encoding for data personalization & access management ensures government-grade security Optional laser engraving and the ability to incorporate holograms, barcodes, micro-text & other features enhances security of photo ID cards and hinders counterfeit production
-Edge-to-edge printing combines with a tamper-evident seal to protect against image or data alteration