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Our mission is to provide proven & secure methods that deliver industry leading ID card printing for Law Enforcement agencies.

Proven ID Cards
  1. Highest possible image resolution quality
  2. Edge-to-edge printing
  3. Magnetic stripe encoding – barcodes
  4. Highest resistance to wear and fading
  5. Laser engraving – holograms & micro-text
  6. Easy integration with existing systems
Secure ID Card Printing

One-Stop-Shop for Law Enforcement agencies.

Agencies that rely on secure cards to validate the identity of cardholders and protect access to facilities requires solutions that deliver: Quality, Security & Simplicity.

Law Enforcement ID Card Printing

About Us

We deliver the world's most advanced ID card printing solution to Law Enforcement agencies nationwide. When you require the industry's leading, cost-effective, highly reliable and sought after ID card solution, Law Enforcement ID is the clear choice.


We are committed to delivering value and personal attention to Law Enforcement agencies. Where high cost was once a significant obstacle to print secure ID Cards, new technologies are enabling agencies increased security at a lower price point.


Law Enforcement ID produces identification using the world's most advanced technology. For agencies, two primary components are critical to the ID card: the electronic data encoded on the chip for identification, and the security of the physical card itself that helps protect this data.

World's Most Advanced Desktop ID Card Printer

The CP500 card printer is the world's only desktop 600dpi pigment ink retransfer card printing solution. Law Enforcement agencies that rely on personalized ID cards to validate the identity of cardholders and protect access to facilities, systems and privileges require the most advanced ID card printer technology available.

Now, more then ever, personalized ID card issuers can leverage advanced technologies to meet their demanding Police ID card printer security requirements. Law Enforcement agencies depend on ID card printer technologies that deliver:


The CP500 encodes and prints plastic cards at 600dpi to produce the highest quality cards with superior clarity and the possibility of enhanced security features like microtext.


In a single desktop unit, the innovative CP500 combines the superior forensics of 600dpi pigment ink, the stunning print quality of retransfer technology and user-upgradeable features for personalization, to deliver the most secure card printing solution in the market today at a competitive cost.

GET Group exclusively controls the sale and distribution of Toppan printers in North America. Ink, retransfer film and other consumable supplies for the CP500 can be obtained only through GET Group, eliminating the risk of unauthorized purchase and counterfeit production of cards.


The CP500 can produce 125 single-sided color cards per hour and 80 double-sided cards per hour. Compared to the previous CP400 model, card printing time has been cut nearly in half – from 53 seconds per card to 28.8 seconds.

The CP500 utilizes primer and primer-less pigment ink panels, which allow the printing of different card material including PVC, PET and polycarbonate. The primer-less area avoids printing on areas of the card that must remain ink-free, such as the magnetic stripe or smart card contacts.

There are a variety of methodologies for printing ID cards. Achieving a required level of security depends on a layering of features and is directly affected by printing method, resolution, inks used, and more.




Law Enforcement ID is a proud member in support of our nation's Law Enforcement Associations.

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